vrijdag 25 februari 2011

new Blogger templates are a trapdoor

This blog is presented in a modified version of the Minima Stretch template. I chose it back in 2007 when I started blogging and have since added a bunch of hacks and tweaks, like the rotating banner (hit F5!), the tag cloud (see right?), and expandable read-more links.

Over time, Blogger has been providing tools to simplify layout and design tweaks. While easy to use, it's a a trapdoor: once you've clicked to use new style templates, you can't go back to your original, modified, 'classic' template. In Chrome, the blog shows all gibberish (literal Jscript and unformatted XML). In Firefox, it won't show anything at all.

You can select a virgin original template, but then, of course, you lose all your custom modifications. Uploading a backup of your modified template results in a warning.

I moaned and groaned, then chose one of the new templates, vented my frustration in a post, and went to bed.

The next morning, I took a closer look at the warning message. "Your template does not contain an Attribution1 widget".

I downloaded the new template, opened it in Notepad++, and searched for 'Attribution1'. As was expected, there's a widget in there with that id. I copied that into my old template, it uploaded without warnings and my original presentation format was thusly restored. Phew.

If you want to do this, in the new template look for <b:widget id='Attribution1' and copy the widget, from opening tag up to and including closing tag </b:widget>.

Then in your original template, look for a closing b:section just above a div with id 'sidebar-wrapper', and insert the Attribution1 widget just before that closing </b:section>. Save, upload and Bob's your uncle.

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Hans-Maarten zei

My uncles were Bart (father's side) and Reinier, Maarten and Jan (mother's side) respectively. They're all dead now. I got a friend called Bob, but we're not related.

Rolf Blijleven zei



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